Primary Tet English Mock Test – 1 | প্রাইমারি টেট ইংরাজি মকটেস্ট

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Primary Tet English Mock Test - 1 | প্রাইমারি টেট ইংরাজি মকটেস্ট

Primary Tet English Mock Test – প্রাইমারি টেট ইংরাজি মকটেস্ট : আজকের পর্বটিতে প্রদান করলাম Primary Tet English Practice Set এর গুরুত্বপূর্ণ কিছু প্রশ্ন উত্তর।  এই Primary Tet English Mock Test গুলি দেওয়ার মাধ‍্যমে তোমরা তোমাদের প্রস্তুতি যাচাই করতে পারবে। চলুন দেখে নেওয়া যাক Primary Tet English Mock Test এর প্রশ্ন উত্তর গুলি।

Primary Tet English Mock Test :

Read the passage and answer the following questMoc :

“Sahaja Yoga ” is not a cult movement that grows big overnight and then collapses like communism or hippysm or any other ‘ ism ‘ that we believe in one day and then denounce the next day , when we have seen that it is , in fact , falsehood . In the same way that a seed sprouts , then grows from a small shoot into a mighty tree , ” Sahaja Yoga ” grows both individually and collectively in an entirely natural way .

” Sahaja Yoga ” is today a spiritual movement of global proportions . People from more than 120 countries around the world from all age groups , and diverse religious and social backgrounds are united by their experience of the same inner joy and peace .

1. The growth of ‘ Sahaja Yoga ‘ is –

A. individual
B. collective
C. individual and collective
D. none of these

Ans: C

2. Now the practice of ” Sahaja Yoga ” covers –

A. India only
B. under 120 countries
C. above 120 countries
D. 120 countries

Ans : C

3. The growth of ‘ Sahaja Yoga ‘ can be compared with

A. that from a seed to a tree
B. that from a tree to seed
C. that of a seed
D. that of a tree

Ans: A

4. The word ‘ collapse ‘ means

A. fall altogether suddenly
B. fall away
C. fall flat
D. fall through

Ans : A

5. The noun form of ‘ denounce ‘ is

A. denouncement
B. renunciation
C. denunciation
D. announcement

Ans : C

Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow :

He clasps the crag with crooked hands ;
Close to the sun in lonely lands ,
Ring’d with the azure world , he stands .
The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls ;
He watches from his mountain walls ,
And like a thunderbolt he falls .

6. The poet describes in the poem

A. the sudden fall of a bird
B.the normal flight of a bird
C. how the bird seems to swoop on his prey
D. why the bird comes down

Ans : D

7. The ‘ azure world ‘ refers to –

A. the sea
B. the sky
C. the mountain The Eagle
D. the lake

Ans : B

8. Which word in the poem suggests that the sky is bright blue ?

A. azure
B. wrinkled .
D. lonely

Ans : A

9. The word ‘ crag ‘ means –

A. a steep rugged rock
B. a stable rock
C. A smooth rock
D. A rolling stone

Ans : A

10. He clasps the crag lest he should

A. catch his prey
B. chase his prey
C. Watch his prey
D. Fall violently

Ans : D

11. The batsman played the ball well . ( Find out the correct passive form of the sentence from the given ones . )

A. The ball was played well by the batsman
B. The ball is played well by the batsman
C. The ball has been played well by the batsman
D. The ball will be played well by the batsman

Ans: A

12. You must get rid ―unnecessary things .

A. Of
B. Off
C. From
D. Are

Ans: A

13. The Alphabetic Method is one of the various methods of

A. Teaching Spelling
B. Teaching Reading
C. Teaching Speaking
D. Teaching Writing

Ans : B

14. Formal grammar deals with

A. the structural aspect of grammar
B. the theoretical aspect of grammar
C. the practical use of grammar
D. none of these

Ans: B

15. Basic sounds of language are known as

A. morphemes
B. diphthongs
C. syllables
D. phonemes

Ans : A

16.Functional grammar emphasises on –

A. structure
B. form
C. use
D. rules of grammar usage

Ans: C

17. Learning to read means

A. Decoding the structure of a language
B. Decoding the meaning
C. Reading aloud
D. Decoding letters of alphabet into sounds

Ans: B

18. Poetry teaching is generally meant for –

A. Learning grammar
B. Learning punctuation
C. Enjoyment and appreciation
D. Language Learning

Ans: C

19. Traditionally speaking is a / an

A. Passive skill
B. Active skill
C. Productive Skill
D. Receptive Skill

Ans : C

20. What is the other term for aptitude test ?

A. Ability test
B. Prognostic examination
C. Prognostic Test
D. Aptitude Examination

Ans : B

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