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Last Minute HS English Suggestion 2022

HS English Suggestion 2022 এর  পর্বটিতে টেস্ট পেপারের উপর ভিত্তি করে  Hs Suggestion 2022 ইংরাজি কমনযৌগ‍্য গুরুত্বপূর্ণ প্রশ্নগুলি তোমাদের দেওয়া হল ।

Hs English Suggestion 2022

তোমাদেরকে এই Hs English Suggestion 2022 এর প্রশ্নগুলি দেওয়ার একান্ত কারণ, প্রত‍্যেক ছাত্রছাত্রীদের কাছে ইংরেজি কিছুটা হলেও একটি কঠিন বিষয়  বলে মনে করা হয় । তাই যাতে তোমাদেরকে বেশি বেশি প্রশ্ন না  পড়ে, কিছু কমনযৌগ‍্য প্রশ্ন পড়েই পরীক্ষা দিতে পরো তারই জন‍্য এই উচ্চমাধ্যমিকর ইংরেজি সাজেশন দেওয়া।

HS English Suggestion 2022

The Eyes Have It from HS English suggestion 2022

1.”But her next question removed my doubts”- Who said this and about whom ? what were the doubts of the speaker ? what was the next question ? how were his doubts removed ?

2. “Yes this is the best time”- Who said this ? what is the best time according to the speaker ? Give the Occasion of the remark ? Why does the speaker think so ?

3. “Few girl can resist flattery “- who made this remark ? What was flattery ? Why did the speaker say so ? How did the person spoken to accept the fattery ?

4. “Then I made a mistake”-What mistake did the speaker made ? What remove the speaker’s doubts ? What did the speaker do then ?

5. “The man who had entered the compartment broken into my reverie “- what was the reverie ? How was the reverie broken ?

Strong Roots form HS english  suggestion 2022

1. “Our locality was predominantly Muslim-Who said this ?
How does the speaker describe locality ? What picture the communal harmony do you find in this discussion ?

2. “This is not a correct approach at all”-Who said this ? What is the correct approach referred to here ? why is the approach not correct ?

3. How does Kalam describe his childhood in his composition – “Strong roots”?

4. What does Kalam say about the father’s routine bound life ? What does he want to suggest here ?

5. “When troubles come try to understand the relevance of your sufferings adversity always presents opportunities for introspection”- Who said this and to whom ? Elucidate the statement ?

Three Questions form HS english suggestion 2022

1. Why did the tsar decide to meet the hermit and how did he visit him ? what was the hermit doing meet him when the tsar meet him ?

2. How did the bearded man become the tsar’s frind ?

3. “Forgive me ! said the bearded man in a weak voice”- why did the bearded man become an enemy of the tsar ? What did the man swear  and resolve to do ? why did the man ask forgiveness ?

4. “You have been already answered”- who said this and to whom ? how has the person referred to been answered ?

Asleep In The Valley form HS english suggestion 2022

1. “-A Soldier very young lies open mouthed” why does the line occur  ? who is the solder ? why does he lie open mouth head ? how does nature nourish him in his sleep ? bring out the irony in the line.

2. Considered “asleep in the valley” as an anti war poem ?

3. In his side there are two red holes,- who is referred to as his ? why are the two red holes in the side ? how is the pity of  war is reflected through this striking Revelation at the end of the poem.

4. His smile is like that of an infant,- whose smile is referred to here ?  who is his smile compared to that of an infant ? bring out the irony in the line .

Shall I Compare Thee form HS english suggestion 2022

1. Every fair from fair sometimes declines, what is the difference between the first fair and second fair ? what makes every fair from fair sometimes  decline ? what  instances of such  decline are give by the poet?

2. “……And this gives life to thee”- what does this refer to ? who is referred to here by thee ? how does this give him life.

3. But the eternal summer shall not fade, whose eternal summer is referred to here ? what do you mean by eternal summer ?

4. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” whom does the poet address ? why does the poet propose to compare him to a Summer’s Day ? how is the question answered by the poet ?

The Poetry Of Earth HS english suggestion 2022

1. What do you mean by the poetry of Earth ? how does keats justify that the poetry of earth is vaver dead ?

Or : how does the poet show that the poetry of earth never ceases ?

2. Prepare Central Idea, title and substance of the poem The poetry of Earth ?

3. “…takes the lead”- who takes the lead and when ? how does he take the lead ?

4.He rests at ease, where does the line occur ? who is referred to as he ? Where  does he rest and when ? how does the taken part in the poetry of Earth.

The Proposal form HS english suggestion 2022

1. I have come to the ask hand of your daughter.. in marriage – Who said this and  whom ? who was the daughter ? what was the immediate reaction of the father on hearing the proposal ?

2. You are not a neighbour, you are a grabber. Who said this and to whom ? why did the speakers say this ?

3. Justify the proposal as a satire ?

4. Characters of natalya, character Chubukov and kono .

5. Whta  picture of social life is presented in the play the proposal ?

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